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School Aims








Hatton of Fintray School’s mission is to constantly improve the quality and standards of caring, learning and achievement for everyone.


We aim to do this by the following:






  • Providing a balanced curriculum with breadth, continuity, relevance, choice, pace and challenge.






  • Encouraging each child to reach their full potential through regular assessment and evaluation; leading to identification of next steps.
  • Celebrating the success of pupils both in and out of school.




Learning and Teaching


  • Providing opportunities for high quality learning experiences which meet the needs of all pupils, using active and engaging learning strategies.
  • Developing confidence in the use of new technologies.




Support for Pupils


  • Providing a holistic approach when supporting pupils, whatever support is needed.
  • Building the capacity for resilience.






Working towards our school values:




Community, Happiness, Achievement, Respect, Learning, Individuality and


Everyone caring for each other.






This will encompass the wider community of Hatton of Fintray.


Website – www.hattonfintray.aberdeenshire.sch.uk






Management, Leadership and Quality Assurance


The School Aims are underpinned by high quality leadership at all levels across the school.